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Assessment News Roundup – What We’re Reading 5/20/16

A weekly list of news and items of interest on the issue of K12 assessments.

From AASA: Looking for resources related to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)? AASA has designed this webpage with a focus on supporting school superintendents in their efforts to understand and implement ESSA.

AASA | ESSA Resources

From The Washington Post: Big data is useful for global education reform by informing us about correlations that occurred in the past. But to improve teaching and learning this article encourages reformers to pay more attention to small data – to the diversity and beauty that exists in every classroom – and the causation they reveal in the present.

‘Big Data’ was Supposed to Fix Education. It didn’t. It’s time for ‘small data.’

From The Washington Post: Poor, black and Hispanic children are becoming increasingly isolated from their white, affluent peers in the nation’s public schools, according to new federal data by the Government Accountability Office that shows the number of high-poverty schools serving primarily minorities more than doubled between 2001 and 2014.

On the Anniversary of Brown v. Board, New Evidence that U.S. Schools are Re-segregating