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Assessment News Roundup – What We’re Reading (and watching) 5/13/16

A weekly list of news and items of interest on the issue of K12 assessments.

From Ed-Week: Thanks to the Internet and other advances in technology, data of all sorts are more accessible than ever before. A new report from the Oceans of Data Institute, part of the nonprofit Education Development Center, asserts that students and teachers need a new focus on helping students understand and work with all of that information.

As Data Proliferate Across Fields, a Call for Literacy

From EdSource: The State Board of California approved a historic policy shift Wednesday in how it will evaluate schools, moving from a system based solely on standardized test scores toward one taking a broader look at school improvement, academic achievement and student well-being.

State Board Adds School Climate to Potential List of Metrics

From HuffPost: Fifth grade teacher Chandni Langford recently wrote personalized uplifting messages across her students’ desks. The words were meant to give her students a boost of confidence before their standardized tests.

Teacher Writes Uplifting Notes on Student’s Desks to Boost Confidence Before Exam


From Mind Shift: We thought that Friday the 13th means it was time for another brain teaser from Ted-Ed.

Three Brain Teasers to Spur Logical Thinking and Collaboration

Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle?