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Assessment News Roundup – What We’re Reading (and watching) 4/8/16

A weekly list of news and items of interest on the issue of K12 assessments.

From Brookings: The Asian Development Bank (ADB) undertook an educational benchmarking exercise to better identify and evaluate the critical components of a country’s educational system. There were 67 countries that participated in this study. The data showed that in countries where both parents and students had access to quality information about student learning outcomes and school quality there was higher average skills at age 15.

Information, not money, is the key to improving education

From Chalkbeat – New York: Librarian and mindfulness coordinator, Joanie Terrizzi, shares strategies she uses to help proctor. She also teaches these techniques to students and has witnessed increased attention, focus, and emotional regulation as a result.

How mindfulness improves test days for me – and for my students

From ASCD: It is becoming more common for students to have access to their assessment data. Some see it as a way to motivate and encourage greater effort. This article attempts to answer these two questions:

– How do teachers commonly examine data with their students?

– What does research tell us about how these practices are likely to affect student motivation?

Are we motivating students with data?

From Ted-Ed: These short video lessons are a great way to exercise the mind and learn something new.

Can you solve the locker riddle? – Lisa Winer