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Assessment News Roundup – What We’re Reading 11/4/16

A weekly list of news and items of interest on the issue of K12 assessments.

From Teach Thought: This blog highlights 22 simple assessment strategies and tips to help you become more engaged in your teaching, planning, and curriculum design.

22 Simple Assessment Strategies You Can Use Every Day

From EdSurge News: Edsurge talked to six educators to get their answers to the following questions: What counts as “data”? How do you collect it? And what types of data can best offer insights into whether students are learning in your classroom? The consensus was, “Data doesn’t just come in the form of grades, attendance records and answers on multiple choice questions.”

Not Just Numbers: How Educators Are Using Data In the Classroom

From Assessment Literacy Blog: Have you had a chance to read our blogs written by teachers? Most recently Teacher of the Year, Topher Kandik, shares his theory of assessment.

Theory Of Assessment, Part 1 and 2