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Breaking News Roundup – What We’re Reading 10/27/15
This is a special edition of our news roundup to capture the media coverage of the Obama Administration’s Saturday announcement regarding assessments in K12 education.

“In moderation, I believe smart, strategic tests can help us measure our kids’ progress in school. As a parent, I want to know how my kids are doing, and I want their teachers to know that, too. As President, I want to hold all of us accountable for making sure every child, everywhere, is learning what he or she needs to be successful.” — President Obama

On Saturday, the White House released a video on Facebook and a blog post from the President announcing a new approach to K12 testing. The Education Department will work with schools and districts to ensure tests are worth taking, don’t take too much time, and serve as only one source of information.

The Education Department posted more details in an action plan.

Media Coverage of the Announcement

From the Associated Press: Obama encouraging limits on standardized student tests

From the New York Times: Obama Administration calls for limits on testing in schools

From Politico: Education Department: Too much testing, partly our fault

From EdWeek: Too much testing? Ed. Dept. outlines steps to help states and districts cut back

Reaction to the Announcement
Here are some responses we found. What’s your reaction? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter (@Assess2Learn).

From Hechinger Report: Matt Chapman and Rick Stiggins piece calling for greater assessment literacy among educators.
How can teachers heed Obama’s call to cap assessments if they don’t know how to give tests?

From the Council of Chief State School Officers:statement from Executive Director Chris Minnich noting that many schools are already working to reduce redundant testing.