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The National Task Force on Assessment Education and provide thought leadership and resources to foster a comprehensive understanding of assessment and its role in supporting student success. The Task Force convened to confront the very real challenge of the lack of assessment education for educators and to improve the national dialogue about the different uses of assessment and how to apply assessment data to support classroom learning.

NWEA convened the National Task Force on Assessment Education in 2015 to work on improving assessment education for educators and all education stakeholders. is part of that assessment literacy initiative. The site will feature content and resources developed by assessment experts and educators from around the country, including members of the National Task Force on Assessment Education.


Rick Stiggins, Founder and CEO, Assessment Training Institute

Rick Stiggins, Founder and CEO, Assessment Training Institute Rick Stiggins is retired founder of the Assessment Training Institute in Portland, OR, a professional development company devoted to promoting assessment literacy at all levels of education. He holds a PhD in educational measurement from Michigan State (1972) and has served on the faculties of MSU, Minnesota, and Lewis and Clark College. Rick also directed test development at ACT in Iowa City and directed R&D programs at the Northwest Regional Educational Lab in Portland. He has devoted his career to understanding the task demands of classroom assessment and its links to teaching and learning. His professional development programs have helped teachers and school leaders across the continent and around the world face the challenges of assessment with renewed confident and competence.

Task Force on Assessment Education

The Task Force is comprised of teachers, principals, superintendents, college professors, national education organizations and leaders in assessment education. Meet the Task Force.

NWEA Leads

Judy Harris, Policy & Advocacy Director

Judy brings over 16 years of teaching experience to her role as Policy & Advocacy Director at NWEA. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, a Reading Specialist, and middle school Language Arts teacher. Judy was a member of the Joint Assessment Task Force for Oregon and co-authored “The New Path for Oregon: System of Assessment to Empower Meaningful Student Learning.” Judy has also served on both national and state level ESSA implementation teams, she was one of just 30 active classroom teachers selected by the NEA from across the nation to help educators with the implementation of ESSA.

Kelly Goodrich, Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

Kelly was one of the original architects of the National Task Force on Assessment Education. Kelly leads policy and advocacy initiatives for NWEA, best illustrated in NWEA’s National Agenda. Kelly’s expertise includes advocating for teachers and students on Capitol Hill, promoting student agency, Pre-Service and In-Service assessment literacy initiatives, and forming strategic partnerships to raise the bar for all students. Prior to joining NWEA, Kelly held senior roles in K12 education, including Pearson Digital Learning and Harcourt & Pearson Assessment, where she led a professional services organization designed to support assessment literacy for educators.

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